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Mita Riotto was born in the province of Pordenone, Italy, in
1975, and grew up surrounded by the greenery of a small wooded oasis of rare
beauty that nourishes her sensitive soul and her artistic vein day after day. This
daily contact with the earth, and the continuous exercise of her artistic
passions, will be decisive in 2010, because they will be elevated into powerful
means to face the sudden death of her husband. Writing, painting, creating,
walking in her woods, Mita Riotto manages to free her mind and heart from
stagnant knots, manages to give color to the grayest moments, and manages to
find a contact with other dimensions in which she finds inner peace and
serenity. She attended between 2017 and 2018 the A.Mi. University (Milan) and studied
the holistic disciplines. She is the author of "Fluir di Fiume",
Europa Edizioni, 2017.

A multifaceted artist in continuous experimentation and
research, Riotto Mita is establishing herself as a writer, and is also fitting
perfectly into the artistic stage.


The municipality of Fiume Veneto (PN) has reserved her the "Women's
day" (8/3/2017) to present the novel "Fluir di Fiume" and to
exhibit her paintings, offering her a first possibility of making his
figurative art known to the public. Encouraged by this success, she enrolled in
the International Competition of the Accademia Maison d’Art, Padua (28/9/2018),
and received the "Artists of the Year" award. Selected for the Caput
Mundi award, Rome (15/12/2019), she appears in the magazine “”
October-November 2018. Her works stood out for the use of absolutely innovative
techniques at the Art Time gallery in Udine (22/12/2018 - 03/01/2019). She
exhibited at the Maison d’Art, (PD), between 15/02/2019 and 15/03/2019, and
then she exhibited at Picco Art Gallery, Vittorio Veneto (TV) from 30/5/2019 to
30/6/2019. A large number of people visited her exhibition at the Gran Fiume
(PN) shopping center in August 2019, organized in collaboration with the Ass.
Panorama, the Gran Fiume Shopping Center and Samuele Edition. Riotto Mita
collaborates with the Monographic Archive of Italian Art, which deals with the
presentation of the artist, as well as with the cataloging and listing of
individual works.
Mita Riotto's art is a reference to
childhood, to the carefree life of a child who lives dreaming with a disarming
curiosity, enchanting those by his side. The artistic production is amazing for
the variety of themes and techniques. If there was a common basis, it would
perhaps be the projection into other space-time dimensions. The "Black
Pen" Collection consists of 50x70 cm canvases painted in black ink on a
watercolor background, capturing the soul in a dreamlike vision linked to
childhood landscapes. The “Submerged Worlds” Collection draws you into
submerged environments with fabulous features. The "Shamanic Worlds" Collection
powerfully projects into parallel cosmoses.
The works of
Mita Riotto positively amaze the collector and art critic, they perfectly
introduce themselves into the world of contemporary art, bringing originality
and artistic innovation.

mita riotto
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